Getting around


Getting around


The island has two airports. On the Dutch side there is Princess Juliana International Airport,

the main lifeline for the whole island with numerous wide-bodied passenger jets,

private aircraft and cargo planes arriving and departing every day.

There are direct flights daily to locations throughout the Caribbean as well as to major

cities in the United States, South America and Europe.

L‘Esperance Airport at Grand Case on the French side of the island operates several

flights by commercial light aircraft to other French islands in the Leeward and Windward Islands.


The island is well serviced by both internationally known companies such as Eurocar,

Hertz, Budget and Avis and numerous local firms. Average rental prices

are US$45 per day for a car or US$65 for a jeep.


Ferry service is available to Anguilla, Saba
dock, Simpson Bay Dock near Airport and
from the Pelican Marina.

Ferry service is not available to St. Eusta-
tius (Statia). See side bar for more ferry
information. See page 34/35 for more Ferry


The island is well serviced by fleets of minibuses and taxis.

The absence of border controls means that vehicles can drive from the Dutch to the French side (and vice versa) without any restriction.

Although there are designated bus stops, you can readily flag one down wherever you are.

Bus fees are generally around $2 depending on the distance traveled. If you don’t have change,

indicate to the driver well before you wish to get off.


All taxi fares are regulated by government. The following table gives an indication of prices for

certain journeys on the island. You are advised to check the fare with the driver before commencing your journey.

Prices are shown in US$. Use authorized transportation services and representatives. Beware of the gypsy

taxis which illegally search the streets for passengers and tend to over charge.


Price is for two (2) passengers, each additional
passenger is $5,-

One (1) luggage free p/p, $1,- each additional piece
of luggage

Tariffs are increased by 25% between 22.00hrs
(10p.m.) and 24.00 hrs (midnight) and from

24.00hrs (midnight) until 06.00hrs (6 a.m.) by 50%.

Children up to ten (10) years old pay half price.
“Sightseeing Tours” for one (1) or two (2) persons is
the duration of 3 hours.

“Shopping Tours” and waiting time are calculated at
$30,- for one (1) hour or a part thereof and for each

1 Cupe Coy 12
2 Aiport 8
3 Pelican 12
4 Cole Bay 15
5 Cay Hill/Belair 20
6 St Peters 20
7 Philipsburg 20
8 Point Blanche 25
9 Guana Bay 25
10 Dawn Beach 30
11 Orient Bay 30
12 Anse Marcel 45
13 Grande Case 30
14 Friars Bay 25
15 Marigot 20
16 La Samana 20
1 Cupe Coy 25
2 Aiport 20
3 Pelican 15
4 Cole Bay 15
5 Cay Hill/Belair 10
6 St Peters 12
7 Philipsburg 7
8 Point Blanche 7
9 Guana Bay 10
10 Dawn Beach 15
11 Orient Bay 20
12 Anse Marcel 30
13 Grande Case 25
14 Friars Bay 25
15 Marigot 20
16 La Samana 30
Dutch St.maarten Taxi Association
Phone: +1 721 543 7815
DIAL 9247