We are very happy to announce that the St. Maarten Government has approved the new Protocol for Yachts for the 2020-2021 season.  Of course, this is subject to change based on the changing situation.  
But the rules in affect are as follows: 

·         All persons arriving by plane must have a negative rt-PCR test taken within 120 hours of last leg of trip.  A form must be filled out per passenger.  That form can be found here.  This applies to all arrivals excepting those people flying from a low-risk location (those locations can be found here).  

·         For Vessel arrivals, the following applies: 

o    If vessel is arriving from a low-risk country (found here), no test is required. 

o    If vessel is arriving from a moderate or high-risk country (found here) An rt-PCR test is required 120 hours prior to departure from last port (must be immediate last departure point).  Such rt-PCR test results, along with all other entrance documents, must be supplied to a Yacht agent ( please see list attached here ) in advance of arrival.  No other electronic forms are required for Vessel arrival.  

o    If testing was not possible prior to departure from last port, Vessel can enter St. Maarten under quarantine, with testing to be done within 24 hours of arrival.  The appointed yacht agent  can coordinate testing upon request.  Vessel must remain under quarantine until negative results received. 


§  Vessel is able to come to St. Maarten WITHOUT testing for maximum 48 hours in transit (fueling, provisioning, etc., possible).  All on board must remain in quarantine on board under this option. 

§  PRIVATE FLIGHT DEPARTURES: Even if guests are coming from an island that is considered moderate or high risk, they will be able to depart by private plane out of the FBO without an rt-PCR test.  This is something that we will need to organize in advance, and all necessary safety precautions must be followed (mask wearing at all times, etc).

We look forward to working together this season!
The SMMTA Board