Covid-19 Update

Dear Members, 


As we are all aware, the government of Sint Maarten has ordered all non-essential businesses to close for two weeks from today.  


As you may have seen, most of the marine businesses (outside of charter boats) will be permitted to stay open.  Please find attached the lists detailing essential and non-essential businesses.  


We would like to strongly encourage all marine trade businesses, however, to take the necessary precautions, to protect the health and safety of your employees and our residents in general. 


In this vein, we would strongly recommend that all businesses make every effort to limit public interaction and to limit contact as much as possible, while keeping your businesses open.  


Some suggested means: 

Close to the general public or limit the number of people permitted to enter at one time

Enforce safe distances (6 feet) between people

Institute procedures for disinfection and cleanliness

Cut down on the number of staff working to limit interaction

Continue to practice all sanitary measures discussed and emphasized

Emphasize to all employees that the point of these measures is to limit the number of people with whom we are in contact to reduce potential spread.  Encourage all employees to limit movements to those necessary (work, home, grocery, etc)

Encourage and allow working from home where possible


Although keeping our businesses operating is important, so is our health and safety.  We very much hope that all marine trades will take seriously the importance of social distancing and containment seriously and will do our part to mitigate any potential outbreak on St. Maarten.


Additionally, the board is currently in close contact with the appropriate government agencies seeking clarification  on the policy for Arriving Yachts. We will send a further update as soon as we are able to make a formal announcement on that.



The Board SMMTA


PDF List of Essential Businesses

PDF List of Non-Essential Businesses