The island of St. Maarten/St. Martin is a dutyfree port and as such, there are no restrictions on what you may bring with you. This is one of the major reasons why the island is particularly attractive to yachtsmen. Parts and equipment can be purchased locally at prices that in many cases are lower than the equivalent in the USA or Europe. If an item is not available it can be readily air freighted to the island in a matter of hours without incurring delays or additional costs due to restrictive regulations or customs duty. Naturally, prohibited goods such as drugs, firearms and explosives may not be freely imported and should be declared when clearing in.


Want to provision your boat? – Look no further! The mix of Dutch, French, Caribbean and American cultures has resulted in a choice of food and drink products that is virtually unmatched in the whole of the Caribbean. Clean, modern supermarkets offer a variety of foodstuffs that would be virtually impossible to find anywhere else in the world in such close proximity. Fresh produce is imported directly from Holland, France, the USA, Britain and Italy, as well as from other Caribbean islands. Indian, Chinese and much other eastern produce is also readily available.